7 Signs it’s Time for a Refresh 

Do you remember back in 2015 when Google updated their logo from a serif to a sans serif font? Maybe after almost 10 years you’ve forgotten. But back then there was a lot of debate about why such a successful company would ruin their brand, while others praised the update. Even with a smaller audience than Google, the question of when it’s time for a refresh — either to your brand as a whole or just your website — can still hang over you as the decision maker. Which is why we’ve decided to compile this list of tips on how to determine if it’s time for a change.

My Journey into the Design World: Lia’s Job Hunt Journey

Type writer with hands scribbling green lines

The journey to securing my first positon as a junior designer has been nothing short of a rollercoaster if I’m being honest. Since graduating, engaging in networking and immersing myself in the professional world, I quickly grasped the reality: entering the design industry, or simply landing your first job in your chosen field, is a daunting challenge.

2023 was a Big Year for Fusion

In 2023, the Fusion team experienced a year of remarkable achievements, marked by prestigious awards, impactful projects and exciting additions to our client portfolio. As we approach the end of January, we have taken the opportunity to review and reflect on our journey throughout this monumental year and look ahead for what’s to come.

We Went to DesignThinkers TO!

Team Fusion, our clients from Strides and our illustration partner, Jaida posing as a group with our branding award.

The Fusion team was fortunate enough to attend what became the biggest DesignThinkers conference the RGD has had to date. We had such a great time, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our experiences and what our big takeaways were.

Becoming an RGD

It feels strange to be talking about how I became a Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) member, considering I’ve been a part of the organization since my first year of college almost 10 years ago, but over the summer that’s exactly what I did.

The power of colour

Colour has the incredible ability to evoke an emotion, create meaning, demand attention or whisper
quietly. It is a powerful element we use in our work everyday. We use it strategically to achieve different
objectives, and to make it that much more compelling to the audience. Our colour choices
often reflect many considerations—subject matter, cultural meaning, and accessibility.

Social Media Superhero

When Fusion started to work on our new website in 2022, it was pretty clear that it should be accompanied by a renewed social media presence. The team knew that “personality” should really shine through on Fusion’s social channels. So after some intense brainstorming, strategizing and planning, Fusion’s social presence went live alongside the new website and saw huge audience growth within a few weeks of its launch.