From questions to answers—it all comes together with some creative magic.

Fusion is solutions-driven. We take your design challenge and find the best way to communicate your message and achieve your project goals. But you want to know the real secret to our success? It’s the people. Your people, and our people. Fusion’s team is truly collaborative, and although we have been around for almost three decades, we still approach each project with a fresh perspective.

Our years of experience, combined with your information and direction is vital. When you boil it down to the essence of why clients choose Fusion—and why you should, too—is that we’ll make you look good. Period. We won’t let you down, and the end results will be something that goes above and beyond what you set out to do.

Listen. Think. Create. Refine. Deliver.

Our process is collaborative right from the beginning. It starts with your idea—we discuss the “why” behind your project and brainstorm the best ways to achieve your goals and objectives. We come back with concepts to discuss and fine-tune to make your vision a reality. There’s more refining, testing and checking, and then launch. At each stage along the way, we work together to create the best solution.


Although our team has the capability to take on any project, we’re focused on visual identity and corporate communication work. That’s not all we do, it’s just what we do the most. And we’re really good at it.

Accessibility is always a part of our process. We consider overall user experience, colour contrast + legibility, captioning, voiceover, etc. When needed, we partner with vendors to help produce AODA-compliant PDFs.

We quote on a per project basis, since everything we do is customized for the specific needs of each project!

Immediately! Our team is always ready to get your project off the ground. Let’s talk timeline and next steps to work out what your project needs are.

Who else has a Director of Client Happiness? No one, that’s who. Still not sure? Have a browse around our site, see the work we do and read about us. Set up a call or grab a coffee (or lunch!) with Brent, we’re happy to chat through how we can help.

On most days, he drinks a double espresso. Other days require a triple.

What is RGD?
We’re glad you asked:

“The Association of Registered Graphic Designers is a non-profit, professional Association representing over 3,800 design practitioners, including firm owners, freelancers, managers, educators and students.

The RGD and Registered Graphic Designer designations are signals of quality and competence to the profession, public and government. Successful candidates have met a rigorous set of standards that includes documented levels of relevant, professional education and experience as well as competence in the areas of business, design principles, research and ethics demonstrated through the successful completion of RGD’s certification process, which includes an online multiple choice test and a virtual half hour portfolio presentation.”