The power of colour

Colour has the incredible ability to evoke an emotion, create meaning, demand attention or whisper quietly. It is a powerful element we use in our work everyday. We use it strategically to achieve different objectives, and to make it that much more compelling to the audience. Our colour choices often reflect many considerations—subject matter, cultural meaning, and accessibility.

Social Media Superhero

When Fusion started to work on our new website in 2022, it was pretty clear that it should be accompanied by a renewed social media presence. The team knew that “personality” should really shine through on Fusion’s social channels. So after some intense brainstorming, strategizing and planning, Fusion’s social presence went live alongside the new website and saw huge audience growth within a few weeks of its launch.
Brent and Ray

What a ride!

In 2003 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 31. My wife and I had only been married a year. Fusion was still “young”. I was referred to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) by my family doctor for surgery, and they removed the affected testicle. After two years of monthly tests, the doctors were worried that there were still signs of the disease, and in 2005 I did a month of radiation. Twenty years from the original diagnosis, fingers crossed, it still appears to be in remission. I was lucky.

ChatGPT and Web Development: A Perfect Dynamic Duo!

Have you heard of ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer)? It’s a cutting-edge artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. Think of it as your very own virtual assistant or pal, always ready and available to help you with whatever you need. For me this translated into assisting with my web development tasks making them easier to handle!

Underground Design

We were asked by RGD Canada to participate in their country-wide virtual studio crawl. We were pretty excited about sharing our workspace(s) with everyone. And while we don’t have a typical office—we thought it would be interesting for others to see how the hybrid thing works for us.

6 is the Magic Number

Fusion’s history goes back 28 years. At 50 years old, that’s more than half of my life invested in this studio. My work and life balance hasn’t been so much a separation of the two, but interwoven experiences revolving around people. Great (and not-so-great) creatives, great (and not-so-great) clients, and so many friends, family, suppliers, mentors, etc. All of these individuals have helped shape Fusion into what it is today.

Listen. Think. Create. Refine. Deliver. Why we never do anything less.

Our process is our road map. When we start any project, we recognize that our client knows their business and audience the best, so it’s collaborative right from the beginning.