Melissa Austria

Social Media Superhero

When Fusion started to work on our new website in 2022, it was pretty clear that it should be accompanied by a renewed social media presence. The team knew that “personality” should really shine through on Fusion’s social channels. So after some intense brainstorming, strategizing and planning, Fusion’s social presence went live alongside the new website and saw huge audience growth within a few weeks of its launch.

As time went on, it was becoming more obvious that being so active on socials would be a huge undertaking. To plan, design, schedule, and post multiple times a week — on top of Fusion’s workload — was becoming difficult and I worried that the quality of the posts would drop. Around the same time, conversations about ChatGPT began to circulate, especially in the design community. I’ll admit that after hearing so much discourse about how AI would steal jobs and completely change the industry, I was scared of ChatGPT. I avoided it, I didn’t have plans to use it and I knew that in the wrong hands, it could become the weapon of a super villain. 

As quickly as the conversations about AI started, the tone began to change. Rather than referring to ChatGPT as an issue and competitor, people were talking about ChatGPT as a tool and resource that could expedite universally disliked tasks. Designers and content creators began to share how they were using ChatGPT to write their copy and how its understanding of context and its ability to create a personable and authentic tone was revolutionary. 

I was sold. So I took the leap, terrified of course, and signed up for ChatGPT. 

But what if the audience can tell that this content was AI generated? How can I keep our team’s personality in the posts? What if the content just isn’t good? I had signed up, but was too scared to sign back in.

Fast forward, 35 minutes into Google searches and drafts, I was completely lost in trying to come up with a caption for an upcoming post. In frustration I thought I would just try out ChatGPT. I thought maybe it would spit out a good starting point and I could take it from there. But after submitting my prompt, the caption it ended up generating was fantastic. So fantastic that I immediately shared it with the team and was in disbelief at how well it had worked. I ended up just copying and pasting the exact caption, hashtags and all. 

Since then, I have run many captions, ideas and questions by ChatGPT. From posts about team gatherings, to calls for new detailed-oriented designers, ChatGPT has helped me wordsmith our way to huge social media growth. With the context of the company and team personality, it has provided great jumping off points, post suggestions and fun emojis. 

ChatGPT conversation
A sample of how Melissa uses ChatGPT for copywriting now

Rather than stealing our jobs, AI has proven to complement my creativity and support the creative process of the team. Fusion continues to embrace AI and ChatGPT, realizing it’s not the super villain weapon I anticipated, but instead the hero we never knew we needed. 

ChatGPT has helped me wordsmith our way to huge social media growth. ”