Natasha Rutledge

Listen. Think. Create. Refine. Deliver. Why we never do anything less.

Our process is our road map. When we start any project, we recognize that our client knows their business and audience the best, so it’s collaborative right from the beginning.

That’s where steps one and two come into play, we believe that the best way to start a project is with a kick-off call. Listening is the most important thing we can do as designers. We’re here to provide you with the best solution and only once we’ve heard your goals and objectives can we do that. That’s why we are always learning, researching, and educating ourselves; trying to do better.

Often that kick-off is our most important bit of research. We can hear your ideas and start brainstorming. Together we can think about how to build the most effective, innovative, and memorable communications. Pieces that will achieve goals, alter perceptions, educate, and make an impact.

Once we have our direction for the project that’s when we can start creating. We’re always striving for solutions that consider accessibility, inclusivity, and authenticity to our client’s brand. Often that means separating the team so each designer can form their own unique vision for the project. Then coming together as a team to collaborate and critique. We build off what everyone has developed, to present our client with only the best, most effective solutions.

After the initial concept presentation, we’re right back into the collaboration with the client. We take their initial impressions and refine the concept into their perfect vision, repeating these steps as many times as needed. We love this part of the project, it builds trust. Everyone knows that we’ve all put in our best effort and created an effective solution together.

It’s no secret that the delivery of a project is the most crucial step. That’s why we’ve developed best practices to create more relevant strategies and efficiencies that will help keep the project on track. We’ll start the project off by sharing a Gantt chart with the client to communicate our timing and deadlines. Followed by using a robust docket management, and time tracking app to keep everything running smoothly. Allowing everyone to be stress free throughout the project.

This process cycle allows us the flexibility to stay creative, deliver on-time and under promise and overdeliver. It’s important to us that we can adapt this to fit the project and not try to squeeze the project into a templated solution. Everyone’s projects are unique and it’s our job to create those bespoke solutions that build confidence and keep our clients coming back.

Pieces that will achieve goals, alter perceptions, educate, and make an impact.”