Sarah Prouse

Remember 2018? That was five years ago.

That’s when we started to think about a new website. We started. Stopped. And got busy. We even had the initial prototype coded and just didn’t finish it. Then COVID happened. Time may have lost all meaning then. But in 2022, we kicked things into gear—finally!

With the new site, we wanted to encapsulate Fusion as a whole, leading with the great work we do, but also all the things that make us a great team to work with. The site needed to be an easy way for clients to decide if we were the right fit for their needs. Can we do the work? Are we going to be easy to collaborate with? The website should answer that for you (I’ll give you a hint: it’s a yes for both).

Work first, personality second—easy to use. This was a simple approach and how we kept measuring the success of our ideas. Even with a strong strategy underlying everything we were doing, trying to nail down one single concept was tough.

That was probably the hardest part of all this. We’re designers to the core. And that means anything is possible. And it can truly be anything when it’s your own website, so it can be difficult to decide the way forward. It was easy to get lost in options.

Concepts. Critiques. Refinements. More critiques. More collaboration. Breakthroughs. Excitement. We got it! Let’s do this!

Over the year, we kept coming to the table. Working together to meet our next milestone. Sometimes in Brent’s backyard, sometimes over Zoom. Everyone on the team has contributed to making the website happen.

And now—it lives!

We’re designers to the core. And that means anything is possible.”